RI President is visiting Jalalabad ILC


On Tuesday 20th March 2007 Mr. Farshad Rastegar president of Relief International visited Jalalabad Internet Learning Center in Ningarhar Province Afghanistan, founded by ECA US State Department and administered by RI. Mr. Farshad Rastegar met with youths, ILC programs participants who are very important for reconstruction of Afghanistan and he discussed with them some issues about their needs and problems. Students requested for increasing the number of computers at ILC and to provide them with LCD projector. Youths leadership club’s members talked about their carried out activities like greening Jalalabad TTC territory, protection from garbage and working at ILC as a volunteer teachers, making Jalalabad ILC more active. They also talked about gender, health and youths leadership trainings in their related areas of living. What ever they had learned from ILC teachers and trainers they are implementing in their communities, the students thanked from the president of Relief International for providing free educational program for Afghan students which is GCEP. In addition to this youths requested from the president to extend this program for future so that those who are lacking behind from these educational program because of bad economic situation, they expressed that these trainings brings a great positive changes to the back ward areas. They added that the program (GCEP) which is founded by ECA US State Department and being implemented by RI is admirable and great. At the end the president talked about the equal rights of male and female in the society, the rights of receiving education and knowledge and as well he promised that RI will be working on increasing numbers of projects for Afghanistan.

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