ICT Training for Ministry of Education

ICT TRAINING in Teacher Training College Sayed Jamaluddin, Kabul.
March – April, 2007

On 28th March this year, GCEP started 20 days ICT training to the teachers of Kabul Education Department (Ministry of Education) in Sayed Jamaluddin Teacher Training College in the Karte-Char district of Kabul. Teachers from schools of sixteen district’s of Kabul are given free of charge computer training with modern methods which is one of the main goal of Global Connection and Exchange Program founded by ECA US State Department.
GCEP runs it computer classes with two groups in a group of 20 teachers in each class. Once they will have completed ICT training, these teachers will be tested and evaluated on their computer competency levels. We at GCEP Afghanistan are simply delighted to be a sponsor for Kabul Education Department and in particular, offering a valuable professional skill to Afghan teachers, so they can use new teaching methods and make their lessons more interesting and informative for students.

Teachers are the glue of civilization; and have the capacity to be a catalyst for positive change. Our ICT training program focuses on teaching competencies that are essential for establishing productive and development learning environments in the schools. By focusing on these competencies, we'll be able to not only measure and evaluate which competencies teachers in our training have mastery in, but also establish improvement plans with appropriate training from our teacher trainers to help teachers acquire most or all of the required competencies related to ICT.
We are confident these teachers will show significant improvement all the way through the school, thereby giving them to deliver a higher level of quality ICT training to forty of Afghan teachers.

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